New and Improved BYU Store

1609-89 035 1609-89 BYU Store Photos of newly remodeled BYU Store. September 29, 2016 Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU © BYU PHOTO 2016 All Rights Reserved (801)422-7322

If you were away from campus this summer, you may have noticed that the BYU Store is looking pretty different. Somewhat fresher, perhaps. Sure, nothing is where it used to be but there seems to be a new energy to the space.

Over the last couple of months, the BYU Store was renovated to better connect the BYU Store customer to the BYU community as a whole. Mark Clegg, the Director of the BYU Store says when a shopper comes to the BYU Store they will gain a greater appreciation for and commitment to BYU than they felt before.

“We want to connect people to the spirit of the Y,” Clegg said. “Shoppers should be reminded just how fantastic this university is, in EVERY aspect.”

To accomplish this grand goal, Clegg said, the Store has more than just apparel and books, it’s a destination highlighting some of BYU’s greatest achievements in all different fields, including athletic, academic and performing arts.

Additionally, now no matter which entrance brings you into the Store, you will be immediately immersed in the BYU culture and connected to the spirit of the Y. As the Store has relocated almost everything, let’s give you an idea where to find things.


Upper Level: Academic and Learning

This is where you’ll find textbooks, general books, school supplies and Cougar Tech

Main Level: Fan Experience

At the northeast entrance (coming from inside the Wilkinson Student Center and the Cougar Eat) you’ll find the Nike shop. The bigger, sleeker space allows for more BYU Nike products. This area also includes a statue of Cosmo sitting on a bench to welcome BYU fans into the store (also a great photo opportunity).

1609-89 023 1609-89 BYU Store Photos of newly remodeled BYU Store. September 29, 2016 Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU © BYU PHOTO 2016 All Rights Reserved (801)422-7322

Next to the Nike shop will be the “Legacy Collection.” This space is still being curated but will include high-end, one-of-a-kind products available for special order. Currently there are artists and other developers in the process of coming up with creative ideas that will work really well in this area.

Lower Level: All Things Religious

This includes religious art from various well known artists; religious books, games, and accessories; and the LDS Distribution Center.

This year the BYU Store is celebrating 110 years of providing convenient access to satisfy the needs of the BYU community. In addition the Store provides jobs for 448 people, including 309 student jobs.

Clegg emphasized the store’s ultimate goal looking forward, “Whenever anybody bumps into the BYU Store they should leave with a deeper appreciation for BYU than prior to bumping into us.”

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ITEMS SEEN HERE: A. Hat: 19550280165/ $24.00 B. Shirt: 5400331/ $26.00 C. Pants: 33330052441/ $49.99 D. Hoodie: 33330100807/ $59.99 E. Lanyard: 40004834253/ $6.95 F. Water bottle: 40005144874/ $14.99 G. Shoes: 5487294/ $69.00 H. Duffel: 3967039/ $48.00



ITEMS SEEN HERE: A. Quarter zip: 76383886890/ $55.00 B. Sweat pants: 76383887488/ $60.00 C. Hat: 88227820117/ $28.00 D. Face stickers: 40005059030/ $5.99 E. Backpack: 88786703652/ $46.99 F. Blanket: 4514836/ $34.99 G. Shoes: 5487169/ $69.00

Summer’s New Favorite Treat


“Bake ‘Em, Fill ‘Em, Wolf ‘Em!” That’s what local, young entrepreneurs, and brothers Tanner and Spencer Harrison say about their product, the Wolf ‘Em Stick. This could be the next big campfire snack since S’mores!

Recently we met with one of the inventors of the Wolf ‘Em stick, Spencer (who is in High School, by the way!), to get the inside scoop on how he and his brother came up with this ingenious invention.


He said it all started when they saw that their cousins used the end of a broomstick to bake little biscuit cups over a campfire. It was difficult to rotate the broomstick and made it hard to bake the biscuit cup evenly over the fire.

One day when Spencer was in a 7th grade entrepreneurship class inspiration came for the very first prototype of the Wolf ‘Em Stick. He and his dad then created the very first one using a wire handle from a laundry detergent bucket to create the rotary handle. From there they have engineered several versions of the Wolf ‘Em Stick to create the best version yet that we sell here at the BYU Store.

We were lucky enough to get first hand instruction on how to use the Wolf ‘Em Stick, and found out how easy it is to use.


First, you spray the end of the stick with non-stick spray. Then you wrap a canned biscuit around the wooden cylinder gently. Next, you simply place it over the fire and rotate the handle. After your biscuit turns a golden color you can carefully remove it from the stick and fill it with whatever you want.

Spencer shared some of his favorite fillings with us; chocolate pudding, cherry pie filling, and whipped cream. However he mentioned you can fill it with anything from, bacon and eggs to even a no-bake cheesecake filling. He also mentioned that instead of biscuit dough you can use pie crust, croissant dough, or even cinnamon roll dough. The possibilities are endless!

Here is a link to their blog with more recipes:



Being BYU’s fudge maker is not just chocolaty happiness. Imagine an arm work out with the chance of receiving 3rd degree burns.  “Yeah, it’s not for the faint of heart” says Sam, our in-house fudge maker. Making the famous fudge can come at a cost. When Sam first started, stirring and pouring the thick fudge definitely made her feel like she just had an arm work out. Not to mention the fudge is incredibly hot and requires extra precaution.  We received the inside scoop from her on how BYU fudge is made.

It all begins in the basement of the BYU Store at 5:30 AM and continues for six hours until around noon. The moment we walk into the room it smells like what we imagine Willie Wonka’s factory would smell like. From the corner comes the hum of a giant mixer that is slowly spinning, filled to the top with thick chocolate fudge ready to be poured.  Each pan of fudge is approximately 10 pounds. During the busiest week of the year Sam makes 74 pans, which equals more than 740 pounds of the coveted BYU treat for one week! When the end of the year comes around Sam can boast that she has made over 10,000 pounds. Despite the early hours and solitude of making fudge, Sam loves her job and loves providing the yummy goodness for guests of the BYU Store. We asked her some questions to learn more.


Q: How many flavors are there?

A: “There are 11 regular flavors. And then I do the flavor of the month. So we have 12 different fudge flavors available each day.”

Q: What’s your personal favorite?

A: “I really like the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel and Cookies and Cream, our newest flavor.”

Q: Who is the most famous person that has indulged in BYU fudge?

A: “We’ve served our fudge to Elder Oaks this year and to Elder Holland. It was a little stressful; I just kept thinking, ‘Give them the heaviest boxes’!”


Q: What would you recommend if you are going to buy fudge for your mom?

A: “Probably the Italian Cream because it’s got regular chocolate with a caramel and vanilla swirl in it. So it’s basic but it also has a little added something”

Q: Do you find that men buy one type of fudge more than women?

A: “Women buy the Vanilla Praline and Peanut Butter more, and the men usually like the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt.”

Q: What kind of fudge would you pick for Cosmo?

A: “One of our flavors of the month. It’s the BYU mint fudge. A chocolate base with a layer of York Peppermint Patties and Mint Vanilla fudge topped with blue and white chocolate candies.”

Q: What fudge is best for birthdays?

A:  “Probably Cookies and Cream because it’s an ice cream friendly fudge and birthdays always have ice cream. It’s probably the most cake-like.”


Q: What fudge would you suggest for a break up?

A: “Probably Peanut Butter.”

Q: When you first started was it really hard?

A: “[laughs]  Yes, it’s definitely a technique. I really love baking at home, but I’ve never made candy on this kind of scale. So in the beginning the counters were always covered in fudge. … It’s a lot of hard work. Stirring the fudge makes my arms tired.” [Sam has also received serious burns from making the fudge] “Yeah, it’s not for the faint of heart.”

Sam has been our in-house fudge maker since 2014 and really knows all her stuff when it comes to fudge. After taste-testing the fudge, we agree the Sea Salt Caramel is fantastic. Our staff favorites along with Sea Salt Caramel are Key Lime (Flavor of the Month for May), German Chocolate, and Peanut Butter.