Summer’s New Favorite Treat


“Bake ‘Em, Fill ‘Em, Wolf ‘Em!” That’s what local, young entrepreneurs, and brothers Tanner and Spencer Harrison say about their product, the Wolf ‘Em Stick. This could be the next big campfire snack since S’mores!

Recently we met with one of the inventors of the Wolf ‘Em stick, Spencer (who is in High School, by the way!), to get the inside scoop on how he and his brother came up with this ingenious invention.


He said it all started when they saw that their cousins used the end of a broomstick to bake little biscuit cups over a campfire. It was difficult to rotate the broomstick and made it hard to bake the biscuit cup evenly over the fire.

One day when Spencer was in a 7th grade entrepreneurship class inspiration came for the very first prototype of the Wolf ‘Em Stick. He and his dad then created the very first one using a wire handle from a laundry detergent bucket to create the rotary handle. From there they have engineered several versions of the Wolf ‘Em Stick to create the best version yet that we sell here at the BYU Store.

We were lucky enough to get first hand instruction on how to use the Wolf ‘Em Stick, and found out how easy it is to use.


First, you spray the end of the stick with non-stick spray. Then you wrap a canned biscuit around the wooden cylinder gently. Next, you simply place it over the fire and rotate the handle. After your biscuit turns a golden color you can carefully remove it from the stick and fill it with whatever you want.

Spencer shared some of his favorite fillings with us; chocolate pudding, cherry pie filling, and whipped cream. However he mentioned you can fill it with anything from, bacon and eggs to even a no-bake cheesecake filling. He also mentioned that instead of biscuit dough you can use pie crust, croissant dough, or even cinnamon roll dough. The possibilities are endless!

Here is a link to their blog with more recipes:


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